Wiring harness

American Cordsets Wiring Harness for uninterrupted power supply

The wiring harness range from American Cordsets Industries is known for their innovative designs that are durable and high on performance quotient. You can use these to transmit all informational signals or operating currents in automobiles, and construction machinery. We have a wide range of wiring harnesses that suit various application areas. In addition, depending on your specific needs, we can get you customized varieties that are either UL listed and/or CSA certified.

The American Cordsets Industry Edge:

The uniqueness of American Cordsets Industry wiring harness lies in its myriad versions. In fact, we are totally equipped with complete backward integration for manufacturing critical harness components, as and whenever required. This allows us to have process design control and flexibility on all our products. Our many years of experience have equipped us to handle all kinds of requirements in the fastest possible time. Additionally, our online customers would vouch for our reliable and timely delivery options. So, order with us and avail wiring harnesses at unimaginable prices.

American Cordsets Wiring Harness Application Areas:

Over the years, our reliable service has helped us to garner a list of loyal clientele in almost all industry sectors, which is only growing longer by the day. Indeed, today we have become a premium wiring harness manufacturer. The various industry sectors that have benefitted enormously from us include the automotive sector where they are used in:

  • Passenger cars
  • Commercial vehicles
  • Two wheelers and three wheelers
  • Material handling equipment
  • Off-the-road vehicles

Apart from the automotive industry, other applications who have benefitted from our assortment of wiring harnesses are various white goods, office automation, medical diagnostic equipments, electrical and electronic equipment among many others.

We aim to be your single source for reliable and genuine wiring harness assemblies. Indeed our quality assurance team ensures that you join the exclusive lists of our loyal clientele, if you order from us even once. Try us to believe us!

Power Supply Cord

Get immediate connection to all your applications like electrical power tools, lighting fixtures, sound equipment, and shop equipment with American Cordsets Industries Power Supply Cords. Our range of products has been used in industry sectors that include sectors like:

  • Retail
  • Residential
  • Industrial
  • Commercial
  • Electronics
  • Food processing and
  • Telecommunications

We manufacture power supply cords that come in standard specifications as well as those that are customized as per the needs of individual industry sectors. Our collection come in a variety of colors, lengths, plug configurations, length of free end jacket removal, conductor color, special terminal, stripping or tinning the conductors etc. We specialize in power cords that are equipped with voltage rating, current rating, length and maximum cable temperature, as well as different types of molded plug and female connector.

Get any power supply cord online for the best deal:

With the growing demand for our power supply equipments, we have facilitated for online availability of our power supply cords. You can get a wide selection of these cord varieties from us that include the flat cord, rubber cords, heavy-duty cords, detachable cords and lighting cords among many others. Our cords for supplying power are made with round plastic cord with a molded plug for ultimate customer satisfaction. The best part that gives us an edge over our competitors is that we take orders for customized power supply cords that fit your special configurations and cable types. Select from any of these from us and orderonline to avail the lowest possible prices ever.

If you are confused about choosing the apt one for your needs, do not worry. Our skilled customer care executives assist you in getting the best deal and answer all your queries instantly. So, plug in to your power needs with American Cordsets Industries power supply cords that are safe, cheap and high on performance level and enhance your productivity in every sphere of your life.


American Cordset Industries offers some the finest Locking Plugs available on the market today. Quality, reliability, durability and efficiency are some of the key factors that have enabled us gain a strong foothold in the marketplace, giving our competitors in the Locking Plug industry a run for their money. Since our inception in 1991, we've perceived every new assignment as a challenge, allowing us to hone our skills and further develop the expertise in making cordsets with Locking Plugs. We've satisfied thousands of customers by providing them with our superior quality Locking Plugs.

There are various types of Locking Plugs available, differing in terms of size, capacity, shape, range, style and rating. These plugs have the ability to completely enclose the plug from any accidental reconnection. When the need arises, we can also provide customized Locking Plug solutions to our customers, should they have any specific requirements. All of our Locking Plugs Cords are specifically manufactured keeping in mind the requirements of the product.

At American Cordset Industries, we know how to treat our customers. No customer is too big or too small. We take on every new consignment on wiring harness, locking plug, power supply cord, coiled cord or extension cord with equal sincerity and dedication, as we understand that every big client once started from the ground level. Judging by our exceptional customer-retention rate, this policy has proven to be a successful one. Our customer service desk is open around the clock, enabling us to provide you with assistance at any time, day or night. Make the right connection - try American Cordset Industries today, you will be glad you did!